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Persian Virtual Airlines Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Membership at Persian Virtual Airlines.

    1) Minimum Criteria

    1.1) When you decide to join the Persian Virtual Airlines, you are required to have IVAO Or VATSIM account with 50 hours logged on IVAN (active account and not being suspended).
    1.2) Have a functioning installation of at least one original copy of the following flight simulators: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9) Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) Prepar3D
    1.3) Submit only true information on the following application.
    1.4) Conduct oneself in a professional manner whenever representing or participating in the Persian Virtual Airlines.
    1.5) Retain a reasonable level of written and spoken English.
    1.6) Be able and willing to stay current in accordance with our Pilot Inactivity Policy (one flight every 15 days).
    1.7) When joining Persian Virtual Airlines, you must use 3 digit or 4 digit for your VA membership number (IRNxxx or IRNxxxx). Use numeric only and do not use alphabetical - Ex IRN020/ IRN8022
    1.8) If you already joined as a member and your IVAO account suspended or deleted, the Persian Virtual Airlines staff will re-evaluate your membership and take the most appropriate decision regarding with the suspension
    1.9) The ability to show professionalism within the organization and when conducting Online Operations.
    1.10) IRN Pilot are expected to have a minimal knowledge of English proficiency and radio communication
    1.11) IRN Pilot are expected to be familiar with (abroad experienced & practice are advantage) the basics of flight simulation technique (take-off, landing, basic navigation, charts/maps, NDB, VOR, routes plan, etc.)
    1.12) IRN Pilot are expected to be be familiar with (but not limited to) the basics of aviation terminology (aerodynamics, airspace, rules/air law, squawk codes, weather forecast, etc)

    2) Online Activity

    2.1) Pilots must follow the online network Rules & Regulation (refer to IVAO/ VATSIM R&R) and comply with it all the time during online activity.
    2.2) Pilots are to exercise good manners and not to causing conflict or arguments over the networks.
    2.3) Beware when you fly Persian Virtual Airlines by online either on IVAO or VATSIM network, you must use "IRN" as your callsign, use a same aircraft type as on timetable. Otherwise we will delete your PIREP and follow by account suspension.

    3) Minimum Activity Expected

    3.1) For New pilots, we operate a 15 day first valid PIREP policy which means pilots must submit a valid flight within the first 15 days after admission
    3.2) For Line pilots, we operate a 60 day active flying policy which means pilots must submit a valid flight at least every 60 days to keep the account active. Pilots who are inactive after one of those period, we will keep your account on the database and you may contact our Membership Department to re-activate account.
    3.3) If you have difficulties with using our system please contact Membership Department by email or send a message in the forum as soon as possible so that we can assist you. If you don't contact us, our system will automatically delete you from our database. You'll receive at least one reminder email to inform you that you may be removed.

    4) Pirep Operations

    4.1) The main objective and purpose of the Persian Virtual Airlines is to provide virtual pilots with a fun and professional environment. Accordingly our operational rules are quite simple as our objective is not to have pilots racing for high rank or number of flight hours. All PIREP must be use Persian Jetline ACARs.
    4.2) Persian Virtual Airlines supporting IVAO, VATSIM & Offline flight activity using Persian JetLine ACARS.

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